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A Few Extra Inches Needed

4th May 2017

Hi Paul,

Many thanks for your help on Friday and yesterday. After dealing with the drainage contractor who had caused the problem with the drain liner, your honest, open and efficient (not to mention humorous) approach was a pleasure to experience. I am now happy that the problem has been resolved and I should also add that I had the same confidence in Leeroy as I had in yourself. I also appreciate that your advice of installing a rodding eye rather than a manhole saved some additional cost and gives us a degree of insurance for the future. A job well done – thanks again.

Best wishes

Note:…… To re-line a damaged drain is a very cost effective way of repair, providing the pipe is reasonably intact, the pipes are not too far out of line and there is access at one end to allow the liner to be installed. A liner is used when an excavation to repair a drain would be difficult.

The liner is a flat felt tube with a plastic outer covering – immediately before installation a type of epoxy resin is poured into the liner which soaks into the felt, leaving a flat tube (similar to a fire hose) to be either pushed or pulled into and through the damaged drain section. A plastic innertube is then inserted into the end of the liner, and using water or air it is pushed through the full length of the liner plus and a good distance through for good measure, which is then inflated. This opens up the liner and the pressure pushes the liner outwards to seal against the inside of the drain. The inflated innertube remains inside the liner until the resin cures, and once cured, is removed leaving a new pipe within the existing drain.

Unfortunately, some companies are not as good at doing this as others – and in this instance it would appear the innertube inserted into the liner was not long enough – by a few inches!!

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