A pain like she’d been shot in the right buttock!

10th June 2017

There is never a dull moment in the Drains Business… Sitting having a ‘post drains clearance’ cup of coffee with a wonderful customer, when she said, “You would not believe what happened to me recently.”

Explaining that she was about to take the bus into town to visit a friend at the hospital, having got her coat on, she thought she’d just enough time to go for a wee. Needless to say this made her a bit late meaning she had rushed the job and almost had to run to catch the bus.

Getting on the bus and sitting down she felt a sharp pain, like she’d been shot above her right buttock. The more she moved to try and get comfortable the worse the pain, she was also feeling a little wet and sticky in the area of the pain. She thought she was bleeding but couldn’t get her hand to the spot to check because she was wearing and sitting on her coat.

As the bus continued into town she became aware of a familiar smell – but couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was.
Eventually the bus approached the hospital bus stop, fearing the worst she stood up, looking back she saw the seat was wet and could see some drips on the floor – she was relieved it wasn’t blood. As she stood up the pain began to disappear, so she assumed it had been a touch of sciatica or a trapped nerve…

She got into the Hospital lift, and although feeling no pain she could still smell something familiar…

Arriving on the ward she proceeded to her friend’s hospital bed, where she took off her coat before sitting in the chair next to the bed, at this point the pain in her hip returned…. Standing up and turning round the culprit fell to the ground…

Through tears of laughter she explained; “In my rush to go for a wee, I’d pulled up my trousers too quickly – and I’d managed to get the toilet rim block holder from the side of the toilet hooked up on the back of my knickers!”

After wiping away my tears of laughter I asked her what colour her trousers were… She cried, “They were cream with a wonderful shade of blue, as were my knickers and everyone could see!”


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