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Pleasant Man on The Phone

5th June 2017

t would appear that I was the ‘very pleasant man on the telephone’ in the following email I received from a customer this evening:

On account of the torrential rain, we had a serious problem with drain blockage resulting in raw sewage at the back of the house. The level was so high there was a possibility that it could have come into the house. I telephoned a number of drain clearance companies last night and as you would expect, many were very busy and unable to come out.

I am sending this message as your company offered exceptional service and you deserve acknowledgement of this. Although you too, were unable to come out last night, you said someone would be here at 8.30am. I spoke to a very pleasant man on the telephone this morning who confirmed that someone was on the way. Lee arrived shortly afterwards.

Lee did a really good job sorting out the drain situation between my house and my neighbours. I told him I was so impressed, would tell his line manager. He was not only efficient but also very professional, competent and pleasant.

So thank you for a job well done and at a reasonable price. It is important to acknowledge reliability and good service. Keep it up!

Thank you

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