Reliable Drain Inspection with CCTV

Our CCTV systems provide the most reliable and cost effective way to inspect drains or sewers, a process essential to surveying and preventing major drain problems in the future. Using specialist cameras, our expert engineers will carry out a CCTV survey to get an accurate and detailed look at the state of underground drains. The process is quick and simple and will help to:

- Identify the cause of blockages

- Investigate structural movement

- Identify existing drainage problems

- Prevent drainage problems in the future

If you are experiencing frequent blockages or you wish to inspect the drainage systems of a new home, our CCTV services are the best solution. The process is carried out on site, without any disruption to the grounds and no need for destructive works. A camera is pushed down or driven along the inside of the pipe to collect colour images, which are transmitted back to our mobile unit. These images are recorded by one of our engineers before being analysed for faults, damages and problems.

Defects can be easily detected through smart CCTV imaging and we can even locate the exact position of the issue, allowing us to recommend the right course of action. Our CCTV drain inspection service comes with a digital DVD, a full written report, a detailed plan with measurements, and still images for further clarification. And because we provide notes in plain English (not technical jargon), the report will be easy to understand even if you’re not a trade client.

1-2 Clear is able to carry out a CCTV survey for drainage systems ranging from a 100m (4”) domestic system right up to larger industrial pipes found on industrial sites and power stations. To find out more, call our team on 0800 014 1999.

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