Affordable, Effective Drain Re-Lining

Re-lining a damaged drain is a cost effective and permanent way to repair damaged drains. Providing the pipe is reasonably intact, is not too far out of line, and has access at one end to allow for liner installation, it could be the affordable solution for your drain problems. The benefits of re-lining damaged drains are:

- SAVE ON COSTS – re-lining gives you the option of repair instead of installing new drains

- NO NEED TO EXCAVATE – a quick, non-invasive process that does not require excavation

- SAVE TIME – this solution can be completed quickly and efficiently

- IT’S PERMANENT – re-lining is a permanent solution

Typically used as an effective fix for tree root damage, re-lining is a much cheaper alternative to excavation. The process carried out on site involves installing a flat felt tube liner with a plastic outer covering. Before installation, an epoxy resin is poured into the liner which soaks into the felt, leaving a flat tube (similar to a fire hose) to be inserted into the damaged drain section. A plastic inner tube is then inflated into the end of the liner, and using water or air it is pushed through its full length. This opens up the liner as pressure pushes it outwards to seal against the inside of the drain. The inflated inner tube remains until the resin cures, and once cured, is removed leaving a new pipe within the existing drain. While the drain diameter is now slightly reduced (by approx. 6mm) this is more than compensated as the flow is improved by the reduced friction from the liner’s smoother surface.

There is also no destructive work to be carried out with re-lining, making it a convenient option for everything from building sites and older properties to home renovations. FREE WRITTEN ESTIMATES are provided before work begins.

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