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With what was he feeding his fuchsias?

4th July 2017

Interesting customer in Barnsley yesterday – trilby hat, smoking a pipe, a magnificent set of false teeth, and kept calling me ‘Pal’, all he wanted to talk about was his bowel movements or lack of them, before I tried to change the subject by commenting on his fuchsia plants – “Ee Y’aint seen nowt yet Pal come have a loowk at this lot ‘roun’t back” – wherever you looked there were fuchsias, he had over a 1,000 plants – he’d be growing and showing them for over 40 years – I indicated that I was impressed…..

Then it was “Ere Pal cum loowk at thease” – as he led me to his temperature controlled shed where he had over 200 budgies – he bred them too! “That yan thear cost me 200 pownd, e’s a beauty int he? Ere lad, dist tha want wan o thease bods instead od money for’d drains”?

I declined and said I would have to charge him, and as we took a last look down his large and now empty manhole in in front garden, his parting comment before I put the lid on was “ Ee lad, yuv done a crackin job thear, I could shit fo’d next 5 years and still not fill that bugger”!

What a fantastic old guy….


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