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Pleasant Man on The Phone

t would appear that I was the ‘very pleasant man on the telephone’ in the following email I received from a customer this evening: On account of the torrential rain, we had a serious problem with drain blockage resulting in raw sewage at the back of the house. The level was so high there was…

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A Few Extra Inches Needed

Hi Paul, Many thanks for your help on Friday and yesterday. After dealing with the drainage contractor who had caused the problem with the drain liner, your honest, open and efficient (not to mention humorous) approach was a pleasure to experience. I am now happy that the problem has been resolved and I should also…

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A Kiss is All Part of The Service

I picked up a call from a customer who relayed a story about another company who had cleared the drains and carried out a CCTV survey, they supposedly spotted a tree root intrusion through one of pipe joints, excavated and broke into the drain upstream of the problem and relined the drain for 4m downstream,…

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Finding False Teeth

1-2 Clear often receive calls from people who’ve lost things down the drains, from dropping car keys through a roadside gully grate to losing wedding rings down shower drains, also even being asked by an insurance company look for a Rolex watch supposedly lost when a householder was clearing his drains – but there is…

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Sahara Desert Comes to Yorkshire

“The once beautiful garden looked dead, decaying and arid with only a few trees standing – just like the encroachment of the Sahara desert in North Africa…….!” There is an intense rivalry in Alabama between the American college football teams of the University of Alabama and the University of Auburn. There is a court case…

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International Incidents No Problem

The unabridged version of the potential international incident between Somalia and Bangladesh that had been brewing for the past weeks concerning a 3 month blocked shared drain, which was avoided this week by the combined efforts of 1-2 Clear and a neighbouring Council’s Environmental Health Officer. Each time one house (a Bangladeshi family) flushed the…

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How Do You Do Your Job?

Dear Paul, I just wanted to write and thank you for your swift, professional and very friendly service today when you came and unblocked the drain outside. I said when you arrived that I didn’t know how you did your job, as to me it must be one of the most disgusting jobs in the…

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